Hi there!

My name is Michaela and here is my elevator pitch. 

I’m a lifestyle journalist. What does that mean? I’m a really curious person.  

I like to ask questions, collect as many juicy stories as I can and present everything I learn in an interesting way. When I was a kid, I carefully figured out the exact spot I needed to stand in the hallway so my mom wouldn’t see my shadow while I listened in on her late-night phone calls. Like I said, I’m really curious. I always have been.

I’ve written about everything from road trips to dining rooms to gourd art (yeah, that's a real thing). Some of the people I've had the privilege of interviewing include interior designers, a barista and a famous actor (my personal favorite). I strive to keep my writing accurate and focused with a creative flair that makes it fun to read. Thorough fact checking and clever phrases combine to get the job done. I can enterprise story ideas, set up interviews, conduct interviews, do critical research and, if I haven’t made it clear by now, write. Shaping stories with my own distinct voice or matching the publication I’m writing for is one of my talents, along with organizing stories so they flow. My other interests include photography, social media, graphic design, interior design

and psychology.

Curiosity, an insatiable desire to write down everything I discover and the belief that stories change the world is what drives my work.

Now that we’ve been introduced, let’s connect. Email me, follow me or send me a message. I’m curious about your story and I’d love to be the one to tell it.  

© 2020 Michaela Satterfield

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